Over half of the entire world’s population

cannot afford to use the mobile Internet.

85% of the world are on restrictive pay-as-you-go plans.

Mobile internet connectivity means:

•     Access to an endless stream of knowledge

•     Global communication and news

•     Address, mapping, and contact information

•     Banking, bill paying, and shopping

•     Selling and making money

•     Collaboration/access to a global workforce

•     Donations and funding

•     Entertainment

•     Internet, cloud storage and computing

Oversignal has created a way to connect the world to free mobile internet through advertising.

*Over 50 million people have already provided
proof to our concept.

     *Jana Mobile, through a proprietary browser, connects 50 million people to the mobile internet.

Oversignal provides free mobile minutes whenever
a user engages with an ad or downloads a mobile app.

•    No restrictions.

•    No proprietary browser.

•    No intrusion on user experience.